King Alfred And His Moms Are Snowed In

March 18, 2014 

Hey Guys! Guess what!?  Moms and I got snowed in today! Snow was like every where. Can you believe it?!Moms' DC Townhome

Look at our DC townhome! It’s like submerged in snow or somethin’ Here I am sleepin’. It’s all I can handle guys. This snow tires me out.Angola Feb 2014 340

My Moms and I have been good. But, there has been so much snow this year. The government shuts down and my Moms stays home. I like this ’cause you know my Moms is always travelin’ and leavin’ me home by myself or with some new Auntie or somethin’. Plus, you know I’m really good at helpin’ my Moms get her work done. I sit on the computer and she screams and I look at her like she’s lost her mind.

I mean what kind of Moms yells at her cat just because he does cat-like things?

Last week-end my Moms went back to North Carolina. I was happy to stay in the DC Townhome but boy was I glad when my Moms’ got back home.

Tita Tierra and I get along better now. I mean she’s awright, guys. She’s always so surprised when I become nice to her when my Moms is away because when my Moms is home I ignore her. Or hiss at her.  I mean I’m a cat right? And that’s what I’m supposed to do.


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