King Alfred Gives An Ode To Big Head

March 24, 2014 

Hi Guys,

It’s me, Alfred. I just want to give a shout out to Big Head who took off for Cat Heaven a couple of months ago.

Big Head was like my cousin – or Step Cousin, something like that…  Big Head 2Moms thought I didn’t know about him. But, I did. Moms had him at her house in Durham while she kept me in the DC Townhouse. She thought I’d never find out she had another cat besides me but I did because I could smell Big Head on my Moms’ suitcases and clothing when she came back from Durham.

Big Head was a ferral cat my Moms rescued back in September 2012. He had FIV (that’s feline HIV). Plus, the big guy had some odd disease that made his belly swell up real big and he was fighting a bad upper respiratory infection when my Moms took pity on him and let him come into the house.  Everyone said Big Head was more affectionate and nicer than me.  Traitors!! I was livin’ in the farm house at the time because to be honest one of the reasons I didn’t like that Durham house was because of Big Head. That cat was controlling the ‘hood and threatening me, even though I stayed inside the house. He got his name “Big Head” from the neighbor who used to always say, “What are you doing out here, Big Head?! Don’t nobody want you around…”

Well, my Moms wanted Big Head around. She and my Auntie April took care of him. Mostly, my Auntie April who lives in the Durham house. Big Head had never lived inside a house before but because he was so sick once my Moms took him in he almost never came back outside again. He just loved being inside the house and letting Auntie dote on him.

Well, about a few weeks ago, Big Head took off.  Auntie April was pickin’ him up from the PetSmart vet where he got his monthly antibiotic shot because he was always sneezing and when his mucus got really thick and yellow, Moms and Auntie would take him in for his shot.  His cage dropped and he bolted from the PetSmart and was never seen again.

Big Head 1My Moms and Auntie were really sad.

I know Big Head went off to die. I saw his ghost. While I was sittin’ on my Moms lap on her bed I saw his ghost and started talkin’ to him. He wanted me to tell my Moms’ that he was okay in cat heaven and really appreciated her taking him off the streets and giving him a warm, loving home.

“Alfred, who are you talking to? Meowing to no one in the middle of the room while sitting here with me?”

“I’m talkin’ to Big Head, Moms. He wants you and Auntie April to know he’s okay. He appreciates you guys takin’ him in.”

“Oh. Okay. We’ll tell Big Head we miss him. But, we’re glad he spent his last year with us in the Durham house.”


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