King Alfred Enjoys New Rugs In The DC Townhome

June 25, 2014 

Hi Guys! It’s me Alfred. KING ALFRED.

So, guys, the holidays are over. It’s been pretty quiet these days.1912 tax credit after pictures Alfred and new rug 041

And, the stores are havin’ their sales. So, my Moms’ went out and got us some new rugs – to protect our DC Townhome’s floors.

Anytime anything new comes into the house I have to check it out. Here’s me checking out our new rugs.  How do I look, guys?  I’m like lovin’ these rugs. It’s about time my Moms’ put some rugs on these floors I mean the floors were getting’ beat and all – especially with me runnin’ up and down the hallway. Guys, I just love runnin’ up and down. I think it’s the funniest thing ever but my Moms’ just looks at me like I’m from Mars on somethin’

Anyway, guys!


1912 tax credit after pictures Alfred and new rug 043

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