King Alfred Is Abandoned By His Moms On Mother’s Day

May 12, 2014 

Guys! My Mother’s Day was horrible. That’s right. Just horrible.Denise and Alfred Easter 2014 012


What kinda mom leaves her cat son behind – every year?! – on Mother’s Day? What’s up with that?!

Any way, it went something like this. There I was excited my Moms had come back alive from Kabul, Afghanistan. She was there like 7 days and had to take this 20-hour flight from Dubai.

I was flirting and all.  See me in the picture below?

May 2014



Then the next thing I know my Moms is telling me something like she was leaving again the next day Saturday after only 1 night with lovely ME. She was going to New York City where she’s been spending Mother’s Day every year like since 2011.

Well, guys, I lost it. I collapsed right there on the floor.

By late Saturday morning I was hostile. Tia Tierra came out of her room and went and sat on my chair.

I charged her. Lunged at her with all my might. That was my second time charging her.  Actually, Tita didn’t realize my mother had left again until she saw my behavior. When I kept charging her she knew something was wrong. Tita knew I was mad because I had been abandoned. AGAIN!

“Okay! Okay! I’m getting out of your chair!”  Tita shouted, terrorized.  Then she went and called my Moms and tattled on me. Can you believe it, guys?!  She told my Moms me that I was being mean. Well, I was in a bad mood!!

But, guess what, guys! Sunday, Mother’s Day came. And, my Moms called me!  Tita answered the phone and let me speak to my Moms on Mother’s Day. So, I’m all better now. I’m over my bad mood. My Moms is coming home Monday!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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